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Why we love the Mutoh VJ-628 Eco Solvent

Mutoh Quality Manufacturing Mutoh (pronounced Moo-Toe) is the one of the largest large format printer manufacturers in the world. They are the largest manufacturer of piezo-electric head outdoor printers. In addition to Mutoh- branded printers, they build (or have built) printers for Fuji, Gerber, Kodak, Xerox, Epson, Oce and more


Keep your DTG Printer comfy in the Australian Summer

this post has been adapted from the Image Armor post “Keep Your DTG Printer Warm and Happy this Winter” at  . . . . Most parts of Australia have experienced some extreme heat over the past month or two.  Nothing nicer than hanging out in blissfully cool air-conditioning when you just


What’s happening with SWF?

What’s happening with SWF? – that’s the question that we are often asked after a couple of years of uncertainty.  The answer is “They’re back!”.  The SWF facility is back to full production, staff are back on board and we are back to being able to provide the full suite of


Astech Solutions appointed as Australian / Pacific distributor for SWF Embroidery Machines

For over 40 years, Sunstar Co., Ltd (SWF)  has specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality sewing machines, industrial sewing machine motors and computerized embroidery machine controllers in the sewing industry to the world. SunStar attained its worldwide customer base with its leading technology, high quality and reasonable price. SunStar’s