Introducing the SpangleElite

Compact, Profitable, Show Stopper Bling Machine

The SpangleElite is the perfect machine to . . . ​

What are spangles?

Spangles are also known as thread-less sequins – essentially made from the same type of material as a sequin, but without a hole and with adhesive.  Without the hole typical to a sequin, a spangle is a continuous disk of sparkle & shine – not broken up by thread or by the fabric of the garment showing through the hole. 

Put a bunch of spangles together in (an organised pattern of) different sizes and different colours, and you have a beautiful, soft, smooth bling design which can be applied (heat-transferred) to almost any type of apparel: t-shirts, bags, jackets, dog jackets, hair-bows, dance-wear, gym-wear . . . 

How does it work?

The SpangleElite is in some ways just like a desktop printer – instead of paper, there’s a transfer sheet, and instead of ink, the machine puts down spangles.

Create your design using the included design software,  load one of the 17 beautiful holographic spangle tapes and one of the 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm punches to the machine, and send the job to the machine using the Spangle Elite application software.  

Want more than one colour or one size spangle in your design?  Easy – the machine will stop to allow a quick and easy changeover during operation.


800 spangles per minute – that’s fast production!
The Spangle Elite uses reels of spangle material instead of individually manufactured rhinestones – reduced costs = increased profits​
SpangleElite material comes in 17 holographic colours and every spangle is beautiful every time you see it.

Spangles are perfect for . . .