Mutoh ValueCut II (VC2-600​)

High performance multipurpose drag knife vinyl cutting plotters


The ValueCut II series are high performance multipurpose drag knife vinyl cutting plotters for advertising businesses and signmaking professionals. The second generation ValueCut cutters feature new cosmetics, a new mainboard & keyboard, an extended input buffer as well as a standard Ethernet, USB and serial port.

Cutting Plotters ('Vinyl Cutters')

Vinyl cutter machines enable sign and graphics professionals to create wide format signs, vehicle decals, stickers, heat transfer apparel and more. Your vinyl cutter is like a little robot that goes to work cutting your vinyl (and other media) for you while you do other things. You tell it what to cut, how much pressure to use, and where to stop and start, and it does the rest.

How does it work? – Once you have determined the appropriate media for your job, the basic process is:

• Design your logo / image to be applied. Use the software to create lines that will literally be cut out of the vinyl material (if you are pre-printing to printable vinyl, then the cut lines will be created in the printing artwork). The lines on the screen show where the blade in the Vinyl Cutter will cut out your design. The cutting software can automatically convert jpg, gif, bmp and other raster images into lines. You can also custom draw designs and create lettering using fonts already in the software.

• Cut out the vinyl. You will place the roll of media into your cutting machine, click ‘Send to Cutter’ and the machine does the rest. It only takes a minute.

• Weed the vinyl. This just means pulling off the excess material you don’t want as part of the final item (stickers, decorated shirt, window sign etc). It will generally pull off easily.

• Apply the cut design using a transfer film (which holds the cut material in place until application)

Price. Performance. Quality.

Enabling the finest cutting quality with excellent tracking. the affordable VC2-600 cutter is equally suited for kiss cutting and for contour cutting of pre-printed graphics. Thanks to the incorporated innovative tangential simulation mode you can make miniature letterings, intricate graphics shapes and obtain perfect cutting quality in thick materials.

With the integrated automatic registration mark detection technology, you can easily produce series of stickers which are contour cut and/or die cut.

Think of regular signage, vehicle and window graphics, glass frosting, car stickers, labels, safety signs, funny bumper stickers, apparel heat transfer graphics, craft & sandblast stencils and much more.

The VC2-600 has a 24” (600mm) cut width (can accomodate media up to 750mm) and comes standard with a roll support system for easy handling and perfect tracking and multi-segment registration for long run cut job accuracy. The optional floor stand and media catch basket can free up valuable bench space and help protect the cut media from damage & dirt (if it were otherwise allowed to drop to the floor).

For price, performance, quality and service the ValueCut 2 is the smart choice for cutting plotters.

You can even print directly onto Eco-solvent heat transfer vinyls to create custom t-shirts and apparel. The printer fits easily onto a table or optional stand for your use. With a low price point and perfect size, the VJ 628 is the best option for anyone entering the wide-format marketplace or wanting to expand their applications.


• Versatile roll support system allows for perfect tracking
• Contactless loading of pre-printed rolls
• Intuitive job recognition and alignment of contour and cut data
• Multi-segment registration capability for accurate long run cut jobs
• AAS Copy Feature: perform repeated contour cut jobs with one click from your RIP software
• Media sensor disablement: cut transparent media with ease
• Added Ethernet Port: run mutliple cutters, over longer distances, from the same computer
• Option Stand & Catch basket • Two Year Limited Warranty
• included accessories: Cutting holder, spare blade, oil Ball Point Pen, SAi Flexi Starter software, media cutter, cutter pad

Why the Mutoh VC2-600 + VJ-628 offer true Print AND Cut flexibility

There are combination printer / cutters available, often promoted as a Print Cut solution. The reality is that they are a Print OR Cut proposition. They can’t print and cut at the same time – the job is printed first and then must be reloaded (often after the print job has properly out gassed or has been laminated) so it can be cut. This can waste valuable print time. Standalone cutters are also much faster, as they are ‘purpose built’ for cutting. This means they are much faster than printer mounted cutters and offer a broader range of features. Whilst it may be true that having a combined printer / cutter can save on a small amount of floor space, the reality is that you are sacrificing the far greater production capacity that a standalone printer and separate cutter will offer. A standalone printer can be printing one job, whilst the cutter is cutting the job that has been laminated from yesterday – or this morning’s new (non-printed) vinyl job. A standalone printer and cutter combination will allow far greater volume to be produced and as your business grows, you will appreciate the productivity, flexibility, and scalability of a standalone solution from Mutoh & Astech Solutions.